The World’s Largest AI Music Model — Hydra II by Rightsify

5 min readMar 22, 2024

You don’t have to be a musician to create music! Anyone can create music with AI. But responsible AI is key — Hydra II doesn’t train on copyrighted material. We will delve into the fascinating world of AI music , exploring how the world’s largest AI music model, Hydra II continues redefining musical boundaries. Let us uncover the magic of responsible AI-driven creativity and its endless possibilities in music!

What is Hydra II by Rightsify?

Rightsify, is the global leader in music licensing. They provide music to thousands of businesses in more than 180 countries. Trained on a Rightsify-owned dataset of over 1M songs and offering a suite of new editing tools, Hydra II is the latest iteration of their advanced AI Music Generation Model.

It is trained on

  • a Rightsify-owned dataset of over 1 million songs
  • over 50,000 hours of music
  • over 800+ instruments
  • available in 50+ languages (you can prompt in Japanese, Chinese, Hindi, Swahili, Arabic, Burmese and more.

Hydra II is 2.5x the size of Meta’s MusicGen. Making it the world’s largest AI music model.

Hydra II, the responsible AI music

AI music is music composed entirely or in part by artificial intelligence. Powerful algorithms analyze mountains of existing music, absorbing its patterns and styles. This knowledge is then used to create entirely new pieces, pushing the boundaries of what music can be. It is important for AI music generators to use copyright-protected music for training. Hydra II by Rightsify, certified by Fairly Trained, demonstrates Rightsify’s commitment to ethical AI practices and responsible innovation.

With Hydra II, anyone can easily create tons of great-sounding, AI-made music in any style they want. Forget copyright worries and licensing fees — Hydra II lets you use the music you create freely!

How to create AI music with Hydra II and how to share it?

First, visit and sign up for an account.

You will come to this page 👇, and start writing your prompt. (Hydra II supports prompting in more than 50 languages.)

Need inspiration? Just hit the “Hydra Prompts” button. Click on the prompt that you like.

Adjust the track length, then hit “Generate Music”.

You will find your generated music right below the “Generate Music” button.

You can share your music by sharing the URL like this (click to listen to my music), or downloading it. The downloaded music is in WAV format, but you can easily convert it to MP3 using this tool if needed.

Below is a piece of music I generated with Hydra II.👇

Prompt: Midtempo Tropical House track at 100 BPM with bass, drum machine, guitar, keyboard, percussion, piano, sampler, synthesizer at Ab minor.

How to write AI Music Prompt?

Writing a good AI music prompt is like capturing lightning in a bottle — it requires a touch of creativity and some specific instructions. To write a prompt in Hydra II is straightforward.

Enter genre, instrument, key, and tempo. Separate them with commas.

(Disclaimer: I am not a musician, but the CEO of Hydra, Alex, shares his tips on how to write AI music prompts with me. I use AI to help me learn and explore. A few weeks ago, I created an AI Music Prompt Maker and shared it with you all. Here is the bot.)

Example: Spiritual Tibetan chant, echoing tibetan bowls and overtone singing, D minor, 60 BPM.👇

Or, you can describe how you want to use the music.

Example: Movie trailer music for a horror movie👇

You can write how you feel too!

Example: Happy (yes, this is my prompt😊)

Want to impress your audience in your presentation? Steal my AI music prompt for an imaginary startup.😉

Prompt: Inspirational music for a corporate presentation video with joyful and inviting vibe

Hydra II makes writing AI music prompts easy. Dive deep with details or simply describe your mood (like I did) or desired genre. Try Hydra II today and share your creations with me! I’m excited to hear your AI music.🤩

Meet the Brain Behind Hydra II

I love the stories behind each AI product. These powerful tools, with their ability to learn and create, allow us to do amazing things like composing music easily with Hydra II, even if we’re not musicians.

“As a music company first and AI company second, Rightsify recognizes the limitless potential of AI in shaping the future of music creation, distribution and licensing. By training our Hydra models on copyrights that we own, we are able to turn millions of songs into billions of songs which enables new music and styles that would never be possible with only human-made music”, says Alex Bestall, CEO of Rightsify.

They are on a mission to bring AI music into the real world. Soon, you will hear Hydra II in shopping malls, airports, spas, and more.

Ways to use AI music

Here are some ways you can use AI music:

  • Compose music: AI can help you create original music pieces in various genres and moods. You can provide text prompts describing the desired feel or choose from the prompts.
  • Background music: Generate royalty-free soundtracks for videos, presentations, podcasts, games, or background ambiance.
  • Overcome writer’s block: If you’re stuck composing music, AI can provide a spark of inspiration with new ideas and melodies.
  • Create covers: Experiment with AI to generate covers of existing songs in different styles or with altered vocals.

You can enhance your animated AI art with AI music like the video above.

  • Prompt: Dynamic bluegrass and techno hybrid with fast-picking banjo melodies and electronic beats

Pro tip: You can generate Hydra II music straight from your ChatGPT account! Check out Hydra II GPT.

🤩You can try Hydra II for free!

Hydra II is available through 4 plans:

  1. Free for those looking to try it out (10 free generations)
  2. Professional Plan ($39/month) for individual creators
  3. Business Plan ($99/month) for businesses looking for in-house music generation
  4. API (price based on usage) for developers and businesses looking to integrate ‘Text to Music’ into their applications.

I love to hear your AI music made with Hydra II, feel free to drop the link in the comment!

😊Thank you!

Thanks for reading! That’s all for today. 😊 Feel free to tag Hydra II and me on X and share any amazing AI music you’ve created with Hydra II.

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