How I Built and Launched an AI Product in 30 Days with No-Code

3 min readApr 27, 2023


Last July, I discovered no-code and took the 100 days of no-code challenge. I learned how to build websites and apps using no-code tools. Then I decided to level up my no-code skills by joining the 30 days MVP no-code bootcamp, where we had to learn, build, and launch our products in 30 days. I am making this post as my memory and made few AI images to record my journey.

A tip to enjoy AI art is to ignore the hands.

I loved meeting amazing creators and makers in the no-code world. During the first week, we had an async session where we could access the learning materials by ourselves.

Then, I joined live workshops on Zoom with Notion, Adalo, Airtable, and Softr experts. They helped us with our builds and gave us advice.

One thing I loved was the peer group co-working session. Even though we were all building different products, we came together and shared our wins and struggles. The 100 days of no-code team was very helpful. Max and Harold answered all my questions.

And we had a build weekend! I loved the idea of building something in 48 hours with a supportive community.

When there was no live workshop, we could share our questions or wins in our private Slack group. This was very helpful as we were all in different time zones.

Finally, I want to thank the 100 days of no-code team, Max and Harold. They responded to all my messages and helped me in my no-code journey. And I am very happy with my project — WowDamn AI Bags.

The next MVP bootcamp is starting on May 1st, 2023. You can get a discount code from me and apply here. Don’t miss this great opportunity to be a maker and builder!




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