10 New Nightcafe Studio Checkpoints Unleashed: Dive into Depths of Creativity!

5 min readFeb 15, 2024

Nightcafe Studio just unleashed a treasure trove of artistic possibilities with the launch of 10 brand-new checkpoints. Some of them are totally new to me, we are going to explore all of them together!

I did not use any start images and presets in creating all the images in this post. Get ready to push your imagination further and explore uncharted creative territories!

1. Juggernaut XL v8

Juggernaut XL v8 is making waves with its potential for creating stunningly realistic images. Here are my findings after burning lots of credits (it is totally worth it!)

  • Detailed descriptions: Instead of “beautiful woman,” describe her eye color, hair style, skin tone, facial features, and even specific expressions.
  • Clothing and accessories: Describe the clothing, jewelry, or other details you want the person to wear.
  • Environment: Specify the background, lighting, and atmosphere you envision.
  • Camera settings: Mention specific camera settings like aperture, focal length, and depth of field for a desired effect.
  • Enhance realism: Use keywords like “hyperrealistic,” “photorealistic,” “detailed,” “natural lighting,” etc.
Made with Juggernaut XL v8 in Nightcafe Studio

2. SDXL DPO (Stable Diffusion XL Direct Preference Optimization)

It’s a text-to-image generation model that uses a unique approach to create images based on human preferences.

  • A variant of the popular Stable Diffusion XL text-to-image model.
  • Instead of relying solely on pre-trained data, it incorporates direct feedback from human users to improve its image-generation capabilities.
  • Adhere to the prompt more accurately.
Prompt: a girl in a whimsical world, purple fluffy cloth, detail colorful whimsical background, digital art, Zbrush central

3. Animagine XL v3

Animagine XL v3 is a powerful text-to-image model specifically designed to generate high-quality anime-style images based on your descriptions.

  • Offers exceptional detail, especially in hand anatomy and character design.
  • Understands anime concepts better than previous versions, leading to more accurate results.
  • Focuses on generating high-quality images instead of just aesthetics.
  • Creating unique anime-style illustrations for stories, games, or even personal projects.
  • Tailored for anime, producing more accurate and natural-looking results compared to general text-to-image models.
  • Improved understanding of anime concepts like poses, expressions, and clothing, leading to more authentic interpretations.

Here I tried a Kitsune girl.

Prompt: A mysterious kitsune girl with nine fluffy tails and playful amber eyes, perched on a moonlit shrine guarded by ancient spirits. Made with Animagine XL v3

4. RealVisXL v3

RealVisXL v3 is a powerful text-to-image model designed to generate highly realistic images based on your descriptions. Perfect for faces.

  • Photorealistic quality: Excel at generating images that closely resemble real-world photographs, particularly faces and detailed textures.
  • SFW and NSFW capabilities: Creates both safe-for-work and not-safe-for-work images depending on your prompts.
  • Versatile: Handles various prompts, including landscapes, objects, and even abstract concepts.
  • Ethical considerations: Responsible use of NSFW capabilities is crucial.
Prompt: Close-up photorealistic portrait of a cat, curled up napping in a sunny patch of light on a soft rug. Golden sunlight streams through the window, highlighting the fur and casting warm shadows on the face.

5. AAM XL Anime Mix v1

This model excels at generating anime and stylized art, as described on the website. Although I haven’t personally interacted with this model yet, the results seem promising, especially when provided with a detailed prompt. It appears that we now have a new and effective model for generating anime.

Prompt: A charismatic, confident ninja, stealthy, midnight blue, atop a rooftop, mysterious, cel shading technique, dramatic angle

6. Virtual Utopia XL

Another brand new checkpoint here! I love the name. The website suggests that this is suitable for generating both authentic and anime images. I have tried landscape, digital art, and anime and I guess I have found my new favorite checkpoint to use!

Prompt: a girl with purple hair, futuristic, dark background. Made with Virtual Utopia XL

7. Cherry Picker XL v2.7

Cherry Picker XL v2.7 is a photorealistic image generation model based on Stable Diffusion. It combines several other photorealistic models to create its own unique style.

  • Photorealistic output: It aims to generate images that are highly realistic and detailed.
  • Improved responsiveness: Compared to previous versions, v2.7 is said to be better at handling longer and more complex text prompts..
Prompt: A woman in a cutting-edge spacesuit stands proudly on the Martian surface, surrounded by swirling red dust and towering rock formations. Gazing onto the vast landscape, her helmet reflects the vibrant colors of the celestial sky. With determination, she explores the grandeur of Mars, leaving delicate imprints on the alien soil as a testament to human curiosity and resilience.

8. WildlifeX Animals

Another new checkpoint here! As the name suggests, this is a model focused on animals, pets, and different breeds. So, I asked for a Friesian. The prompt is super simple, but the result is great.

Prompt: Friesian, beautiful background

9. RealCartoon Pixar v8

All of the above are SDXL-based. This is an SD1.5 model, which is adept at creating Pixar-style cartoons. Use the SD 1.5 prompting style to achieve better results.

10. Ghost Mix v2

Ghost Mix v2 is a text-to-image model, meaning it uses textual descriptions to generate images. It’s based on the popular Stable Diffusion framework and is known for its strong performance in creating 2.5D images, which fall somewhere between flat images and fully 3D renders.

  • Photorealism: Ghost Mix v2 excels at generating highly realistic and detailed images. While 2.5D, it achieves impressive depth and lighting effects.
  • Improved responsiveness: Compared to its predecessor, Ghost Mix v2 handles longer and more complex text prompts better, allowing for greater control over the generated image.
  • Good for Concept art & illustration.
Prompt: A crumbling ancient temple swallowed by the jungle, sunlight filtering through the ruins and highlighting the moss-covered carvings. Emphasize the contrast between the weathered stone and the vibrant plants, creating a sense of depth and mystery

Thanks for reading. Which one is your favorite checkpoint?

Remember, these are just a glimpse into the potential these new checkpoints unlock. Experiment with different prompts, materials, textures, and lighting to truly unleash your creative vision. Let Nightcafe Studio be your canvas, and these new tools your vibrant paints!

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